Elon Musk Still Plans to Charge 1$ For Tweet

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By Abdul Rehman

Why the Charges?

Why the Charges?

Elon Musk’s decision to introduce a fee for new users to tweet on X stems from the persistent issue of bots plaguing the platform. Bots are automated accounts programmed to carry out specific tasks, such as spreading spam, and fake news, or engaging in malicious activities like phishing scams. These bots not only degrade the user experience by cluttering feeds with irrelevant or harmful content but also pose significant challenges to maintaining the integrity and trustworthiness of the platform.

When was it implemented?

Musk’s rationale for implementing this change lies in the belief that charging a nominal fee will act as a deterrent to bot creators. By requiring users to invest even a small amount of money to access the platform’s tweeting functionality, Musk aims to raise the barrier for entry, making it less economically viable for bot operators to create and deploy large numbers of automated accounts. Additionally, the fee serves as a means of verifying users’ identities and intentions, as legitimate users are more likely to be willing to pay than bots.


While some may question the effectiveness of this approach, arguing that determined bot operators may still find ways to circumvent the fee, Musk sees it as a proactive measure to address a pressing issue. By taking steps to curb bot activity, X aims to create a more authentic and engaging environment for its users, where genuine interactions can flourish without the interference of automated spam accounts.

What’s the Deal?

Under the new policy, new users signing up for X may be required to pay a small fee in order to gain access to the platform’s tweeting functionality. This fee, which Musk refers to as a “small annual fee,” is intended to cover the costs associated with account verification and moderation efforts aimed at combating bot activity. While the exact amount of the fee may vary depending on factors such as the user’s location and local currency, Musk has indicated that it will be affordable for most users.

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What was the fee to tweet?

Upon payment of the fee, new users will be granted full access to X’s tweeting features, allowing them to post their thoughts, engage with other users’ content, and participate in conversations on the platform. However, users who choose not to pay the fee will still be able to browse X, view other users’ tweets, and follow accounts of interest. They will be restricted from performing certain actions such as replying to tweets, liking posts, or tweeting themselves until the fee is paid.


This approach aims to strike a balance between accessibility and moderation, ensuring that legitimate users can freely engage with the platform while deterring malicious actors from exploiting it for nefarious purposes. By introducing a financial barrier to entry, X hopes to incentivize responsible usage and discourage the proliferation of spam and bot-driven activity on its platform.

Why the charges is compulsory?

Why the charges is compulsory?

In addition to the initial fee for new users, Musk has outlined a phased approach to account access on X. While the fee is initially required for new users to unlock tweeting capabilities, Musk has indicated that this restriction will be temporary. Specifically, he has suggested that new users will be able to enjoy full tweeting privileges for free after a probationary period of three months.


During this probationary period, new users will have the opportunity to demonstrate their commitment to engaging with the platform genuinely and responsibly. By observing user behavior and interactions over this period, X aims to distinguish between legitimate users and potential bots or spammers, thereby mitigating the risk of abuse and misuse of the platform’s features.

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This phased approach reflects X’s commitment to fostering a safe and inclusive online community, where users are empowered to express themselves freely while being protected from the negative impacts of bot-driven manipulation and misinformation. By gradually easing restrictions on new users and incentivizing positive engagement, X seeks to cultivate a culture of trust and authenticity that enriches the overall user experience on the platform.

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