Google Expands Galaxy S24’s Circle to Search to More Androids

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By Dave Winer

Ever since Android first came onto the scene, Google has been on a mission to revolutionize the way we search using our smartphones. Their latest brainchild in this arena is the super cool ‘Circle to Search’ feature. This nifty tool lets you draw a circle around anything you’re curious about on your phone screen, and voila – it starts a search for you.

Google's Circle to Search makes visual searches with AI

But wait, it’s not just about drawing perfect circles. ‘Circle to Search’ is pretty flexible. You can highlight text, make some random doodles, or even sketch out shapes that are nowhere near oval. It’s all good for kicking off your searches. Circle anything on-screen for an instant by the best AI-powered Galaxy S24 Ultra Official Film: and also Circle to Search results and devices list that will be updated on

Circle to Search’ is a super cool tool from Google that does exactly what it sounds like – you can circle anything on your screen to search for it. Picture this: you are watching a TikTok and spot some really funky corn dogs. Just swipe up to open the Google app and draw a circle around the corn dogs with your finger. Google’s smart AI then jumps into action and gives you a quick rundown on Korean corn dogs.

It doesn’t stop there; the AI can even dive into how Korean food fits into today’s food trends and its cultural significance. It’s like having a foodie and a culture guide right at your fingertips!

Here’s the coolest part – you can use ‘Circle to Search’ literally anywhere on your device. Is it something you want to look up? Just press and hold the home button for a bit. Or, if you’re all about gesture navigation, swipe up on that navigation bar. Then, start circling away. Google says this is way handier than the old-school method of snapping a screenshot and then using Google Lens to dig deeper.

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What makes ‘Circle to Search’ super smart is that it’s powered by Google’s AI, thanks to its multisearch feature. Remember when Google Lens got that update in 2022? That’s the tech we’re talking about. It’s like a search superhero that understands both pictures and words at the same time. This means you can tweak your search in the Google app to get exactly what you’re looking for.

This feature is a game-changer for asking complicated questions. Imagine you’re curious about a really specific thing – like a weird bug you found or a cool gadget. Just circle it, and Google gives you a straightforward, summarized answer. No more getting lost in a sea of web pages.

There’s even a video that shows how it all works – it’s like magic.

The big day for ‘Circle to Search’ is January 31. It’s first coming to the fancy Pixel 8 series and the brand-new Samsung Galaxy S24. But don’t worry if you don’t have those – Google plans to bring this feature to more top-notch Android phones as the year rolls on. They’re also upgrading the multisearch tool in the Google App for everyone using Android and iOS in the United States. So, stay tuned.

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