Infinix Zero Book Ultra Intel Core i9 Price, Rating and Specifications

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By Abdul Rehman

Infinix Zero Book Ultra processor.

Infinix Zero Book Ultra processor.


Infinix uses the latest processor in its zero book for the better performance of the laptop. The processor Intel Core i9 provides the best gaming experience and is also best for the hybrid architecture. Intel Core i9 is the best in its performance. It gives the best performance on every laptop. Infinix Zero Book Ultra has a 14-core CPU with 6 performance and 8 efficiency cores96EU Iris Xe Graphics.


Intel Core i9-12900H, (12th generation)


2.4 GHz


Graphics card: Intel Iris Xe

The explanations of the Infinix 0 Book Ultra processor are shown in the table.

Infinix Zero Book Ultra unique design.

Infinix Zero Book Ultra Design

Infinix Zero Book Ultra has a unique design. The design of the Infinix 0 Book Ultra is different from all. It is available in black colour. The body dimension of the laptop the 211.1*323.3*16.96 mm. Weight is approximately equal to 1.8 kg. The resolution of the laptop is 1920*1080 and the size is 15.6 inches but although all these specifications the screen is simple. It does not have a touch screen which is important due to its high price.

 Dimension                                         SIZE

211.1*323.3*16.96 mm                                               15.6inches

WEIGHT                                          DISPLAY COLOUR

1.8 KG                                                                           1 billion, 100 percent sRGB

RESOLUTION                                    TOUCH SCREEN

1920*1080                                                                     NO

Infinix Zero Book Ultra specifications.

Infinix Zero Book Ultra specifications.

Now I will show you all the specifications of the Infinix 0 Book Ultra. All the basic and main specifications of the Infinix Zero Book Ultra are shown in the table.

OS                                                           WINDOW 11
                   PUBG GRAPHICS                  
Smooth                   low, medium, ultra, high, extreme

Balance                    low, medium, ultra, high, extreme

HD                           low, medium, ultra, high, extreme

HDR                         low, medium, ultra, high, extreme

ULTRA HD              low, medium, ultra, high, extreme

CAMERA                                                               YES
SENSOR                                              FINGERPRINT
TYPE                                                                  LI-LON

PLACEMENT                                 NON REMOVABLE

CAPACITY                                                           70Wh

CHARGER                                       100W fast charger

Ram                                                                16/32 GB

Ram Type                                                          LPDDR5

Internal Storage                                        512GB/1TB

Storage type                                          SSD Storage

Bluetooth                                                                 Yes

USB                       Type-C 2.0 HDMI USB 20 Slots 1

WLAN                                                802.11 b/g/n/ax

Loudspeaker                                                            YES
JAN 6, 2023.
FEB 10, 2023.

In the table, all the specifications of the Infinix Zero Book Ultra are shown. It is easy to read the specifications in the table form. Some specifications of the Infinix Zero Book are the same as others but most of the specifications are different from other laptops.

Infinix Zero Book Ultra Rating.

Now I am showing the ratings of different objects these ratings are based on the different reviews.

  • Display Rating is 8.5/10
  • Camera Rating is 8/10
  • Batter Rating is 10/10
  • Processor Rating is 10/10
  • The Speed Rating is 9.5/10

These ratings are based on the different reviews on the internet.

Infinix Zero Book Ultra Price.

The price of the Infinix Zero Book Ultra is 860 US $ and the price in INDIA is 86000 IND. The price in reasonable due to its good features.

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