Realme Watch S Price Specs Design and Specifications

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Realme Watch S Specs.

Realme Watch S Specs.

Realme Watch S Specs are completely described here. In its specs, we will all about it like its unique design, straps design, sensors, screen, battery health, and it’s all other unique features that are different from all other smart-watches.

  • Appearance

Color: Black

Size:259.5*47.0*12.0mm(with wrist strap)

Weight: 48g(with wrist strap)

  • Wrist strap

Type: Removable wrist strap


Adjustable length:164-208mm

  • Battery


Theoretical Working Time:15 Days*

  • Screen

Screen size:1.3”



  • Sensor

3-axis Accelerometer: Sensors

Heart Rate Sensor

Photosensitive Sensor

Wearing Monitoring Sensors

  • Connectivity

Bluetooth 5.0

Works with Realme Link

Support Android 5.0+

  • Health Monitor

Automated Heart Rate Measurement, 24-hour Real-time Heart Rate, Resting Heart Rate, Exercise Heart Rate, Heart Rate Alert, Blood Oxygen Measurement, Sleep Detection, Steps Throughout the Day, Calories, Distance, Water Reminder, Idle Alert, Activity Records

  • Sport mode

Outdoor Run, Walk, Indoor Run, Outdoor Cycle, Aerobic Capacity, Strength Training, Football, Basketball, Pingpong, Badminton, Indoor Cycle, Elliptical, Yoga, Rowing Machine, Stationary Bike

  • Other functions

Music Control, Camera Control, Find Phone, Meditation, 12 / 24-hour, Stopwatch, Clock, Weather Forecast, Date Display, Dial, Cloud Multi-Dial, Custom Dial, OTA Upgrade, Multi-Language UI Interface, Multi-Language, Data Storage, All-day Data, Call Notification, Message Reminder, Alarm Reminder, Step Goal Completion Reminder, Binding Confirmation Reminder, Low Battery Reminder, Brightness Adjustment, Shake Adjustment, Wear Monitoring, Lift Wrist to Wake Screen, Power Saving Mode, No Disturb Mode, Quick Settings

Realme Watch S Design.

Realme Watch S Design.

Now here we will discuss the design of the Realme Watch S. When we talked about the design of the watch first of all we will discuss the color of the Realme Watch S. The color of the Realme Watch S is BLACK. Black is a very decent color for both men and women to wear so the watch is best for both men and women. The size of the watch is 259.5*47.0*12.0mm. (With Straps). The weight of the watch is the 48G. (With wrist straps).

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Realme Watch S Specifications.Realme Watch S Specifications.

All the specifications of the Realme watch S are discussed here. All the specifications of the watch are completely discussed here in full detail.

100+ Stylish Watch Faces

Realme in collaboration with users and renowned designers created trendy dials for the Watch S. Over 100 cool dials will be made that you can use for 3 months without repeating.

Water Resistance.

The Realme Watch S is a water resistance watch and 1.5m water resistance, so you don’t have to worry about everyday use. The watch is waterproof with IP68 water resistance but the IP68 of the Realme watch is not suitable for swimming and bathing.

15 Days Battery

The Realme Watch S has a long-lasting battery timing. The watch has a very energy-efficient battery that can support up to 15 Days of continuous working. You can charge it one time and can use it for 15 days continuously.

Smart Control

The Realme Watch S also has a smart control feature. By using this feature you can control music, call, and take pictures. You can play and pause music, and switch songs on your watch without taking out your phone. With the watch, you can also take pictures of your phone remotely.

Realme Watch S Price.

The price of the Realme Watch S is approximately equal to the 80EUR. The price of this watch in Indian currency is approximately equal to the 8000IND RS. The cost of the watch is very low because it provides a lot of features that a luxury and expensive watch does not provide.



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