Truth is Revealed Is GTA VI Available On PS4

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By Abdul Rehman

GTA VI is the highly anticipated eighth main installment in the iconic. GTA VI is set to revolutionize the gaming landscape. Developed by Rockstar Games this action-adventure game. Offering players an immersive experience set in the fictional open-world state of Leonida. Inspired by Florida with the iconic Vice City as its centerpiece.

Is GTA VI Available On PS4?

Is GTA VI Available On PS4?

As of the latest information, Grand Theft Auto VI (GTA 6) will not be available on PlayStation 4 (PS4) and Xbox One. Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive have officially confirmed that the game will be released at launch exclusively for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S.

The decision not to release GTA 6 on previous-generation consoles. Such as the PS4 and Xbox One, is primarily driven by technological limitations. The hardware capabilities of the newer consoles, PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S, offer significant advancements in CPU speed, GPU power, RAM, framerate, resolution, and storage mpared to their predecessors.

Setting and Characters of GTA VI

The game’s fictional world parodies contemporary American culture, incorporating satirical depictions of social media, influencer culture, and even Internet memes such as the infamous Florida Man. The narrative follows a criminal duo, introducing Lucia as the series’ first female protagonist since 2000, accompanied by her male partner. The story unfolds in the sprawling Vice City, previously featured in Grand Theft Auto games, adding a nostalgic touch for long-time fans.

Development Journey.

The journey to GTA VI s development has been marked by secrecy, speculation, and a significant leak in September 2022. Rockstar Games officially confirmed the game’s development in February 2022, stirring excitement among fans. However, the leak in September unveiled unfinished footage. Causing a stir in the gaming community and prompting Rockstar to take swift action to contain the situation.

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The official announcement in December 2023, accompanied by a trailer featuring Lucia and her partner, shattered records on social media platforms, solidifying the game’s status as one of the most anticipated releases in recent years.

September 2022 Leak and Its Aftermath.

The leak, orchestrated by a user known as “teapotuberhacker,” provided an unexpected glimpse into the game’s development stages. Rockstar’s response, involving takedowns of leaked content and legal actions, underscored the magnitude of the event in the gaming industry. The incident, labeled a “network intrusion,” not only impacted Rockstar’s stock price but also led to the arrest of the hacker, revealing a complex legal and cybersecurity saga.

GTA VI Platforms.

GTA VI Platforms.

As of the latest information, Grand Theft Auto VI is confirmed to be released in 2025 for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S. However, disappointing news for fans of previous-gen consoles, as Rockstar Games and Take-Two Interactive have clarified that the game will not be available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One at launch. This decision is attributed to technological limitations, with the game’s ambitious graphics and open-world design necessitating the capabilities of the latest console hardware.

Technological Limitations and Hardware Comparison.

The decision not to release Grand Theft Auto VI on previous-gen consoles stems from the significant differences in hardware capabilities. The comparison between Xbox One/Xbox Series X and PlayStation 4/PlayStation 5 highlights the advancements in CPU speed, GPU power, RAM, framerate, resolution, and storage. The expansive open-world map and the intricate details of GTA 6 demand the processing power of the latest consoles to deliver a seamless and visually stunning gaming experience.

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PS4 vs PS5

SpecificationXbox OnePlayStation 4 (PS4)PlayStation 5 (PS5)
CPU Speed1.75GHz1.6GHz3.5GHz
GPU Power1.4 Teraflops1.84 Teraflops10.28 Teraflops
Framerate60 FPS60 FPSUp to 120 FPS
Resolution1080P 4K Upscaling1080PUp to 4K Native
Storage500GB/1TB500GB/1TB825GB NVMe SSD



  1. CPU Speed:
    • Xbox One:75GHz
    • PS4:6GHz
    • PS5:5GHz
  2. GPU Power:
    • Xbox One:4 Teraflops
    • PS4:84 Teraflops
    • PS5:28 Teraflops
  3. RAM:
    • Xbox One: 8GB DDR3
    • PS4: 8GB GDDR5
    • PS5: 10GB DDR6
  4. Framerate:
    • Xbox One: 60 FPS
    • PS4: 60 FPS
    • PS5: Up to 120 FPS
  5. Resolution:
    • Xbox One: 1080P 4K Upscaling
    • PS4: 1080P
    • PS5: Up to 4K Native
  6. Storage:
    • Xbox One: 500GB/1TB
    • PS4: 500GB/1TB
    • PS5: 825GB NVMe SSD


These specifications highlight the substantial advancements in processing power, graphical capabilities, memory, and storage between the Xbox One, PS4, and the more recent PS5. The improvements contribute to enhanced gaming experiences, allowing for higher resolutions, smoother framerates, and faster loading times on the newer console generations.

At the End.

As the gaming community eagerly awaits the arrival of Grand Theft Auto 6, the journey of its development, unexpected leaks, and technological considerations provide a captivating backdrop. With Lucia as the groundbreaking female protagonist and Vice City as the nostalgic yet revamped setting, Rockstar Games seems poised to deliver another iconic addition to the GTA VI legacy. The decision to focus on next-gen consoles reflects a commitment to pushing the boundaries of gaming technology and ensuring that players experience the game at its fullest potential. As the countdown to 2025 begins, the excitement and anticipation for GTA VI continue to reach unprecedented heights.

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