New Instagram Updates in 2023 You Have to Know

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By Abdul Rehman

New Instagram Features in 2023:

n 2023, with over 2.35 billion users worldwide, Instagram is still one of the most prominent players on the social media landscape, and for a good reason. The social media network never stops growing and developing which means it also regularly introduces new functionalities.

This article covers the most recent Instagram updates and features for 2023 and also those from 2022 that you might have missed.

If you are a social media marketer, keeping track of social media platform updates is a must. We have created this informative blog post so you can have the information about all the Instagram changes in one place.

We will cover the new Instagram updates first and then recap the older but still significant ones. So, without further due, let us look at all the nifty features that Instagram has rolled out recently.

Instagram DM Themes:

  1. Instagram DM Themes:  

    • Aesthetic customization has reached Instagram DMs. Users can now choose from various themes to personalize their chat experience.
    • How to change the theme: Tap the arrow button in the top right of the feed, select a conversation, tap the chat name, and choose a theme.
  2. AI Stickers for Stories and DMs:

    • AI Stickers for Stories and DMs:
    • Instagram introduces AI stickers, allowing users to create custom stickers using artificial intelligence.
    • To use, find and click on the ‘AI stickers’ sticker, type in your desired text, and watch as AI generates a sticker.
  3. Zooming on Profile Pictures:

    • Users can now zoom in on Instagram profile pictures directly within the app, eliminating the need for third-party applications.
  4. Location Tags in Notes:

    • Instagram is testing location tags in Notes, a feature introduced in late 2022 for sharing short status updates in the DM Inbox.
  5. Threads App:

    • Instagram launches Threads, a dedicated app where users can post threads, reply to others, and follow profiles—a direct competitor to Twitter.
  6. Group Profile Feature:

    • Instagram is testing the ability to join a Group Profile, allowing users to share stories, feed posts, or Reels with group members, fostering collaborative content creation.
  7. Multiple Links in Bio Update:

    Scheduling Posts within the App:

    • Instagram answers users’ prayers by allowing multiple links in the bio, offering a viable alternative to external link tools like Linktree.
  8. Scheduling Posts within the App:

    • Users can now schedule Instagram posts within the app itself, adding convenience and control over publication timing.
  9. Ad-Free and Suggested Post-Free Feed:

    • Instagram now allows users to browse their feed consisting only of posts from accounts they follow, eliminating suggested posts and ads.
  10. Reels-Exclusive Video Posts:

    • Instagram restricts new video posts to Reels format only, signaling a shift in the platform’s focus towards short-form video content.
  11. Instagram Grid Pinning:

    • A recent update enables users to pin their posts to the top of their Instagram grid, giving older content a chance to shine.
  12. 60-Second Instagram Stories:

    • Users can now upload Stories up to 60 seconds long without interruptions, providing a smoother viewing experience.
  13. 2023 Instagram Algorithm Explained:

    • Instagram CEO, Adam Mosseri, sheds light on the platform’s algorithm, emphasizing factors like popularity indicators, user engagement history, and post interactions.
  14. Instagram Reels Updates for 2023:

    • Reels continue to evolve with new features like Video Layout, Double Exposure, and more editing options.
  15. Profile Embed:

    • Users can now embed entire Instagram profiles on external websites, enhancing the visibility of creators on the internet.
  16. Instagram Playback Feature:

    • Instagram introduces Playback, allowing users to re-share their best Stories on New Year’s Eve, offering a nostalgic way to celebrate moments
  17.  Map Search:

    • A new Map Search feature akin to Google Maps allows users to explore businesses within the Instagram app, providing location-based information.
  18. Instagram Creator Mode:

    • Creator Mode for accounts with over 10,000 followers is enhanced with Instagram marketing tips and a Professional Dashboard.
  19. Updated Instagram Insights:

    Updated Instagram Insights:

    • Instagram enhances its analytics tool, extending data visibility to 90 days, live video performance measurement, and deeper insights into account performance.
  20. Optional Hiding of Instagram Likes:

    • Users can choose to hide the number of likes on their posts, a feature that Instagram has been gradually rolling out since 2019.
  21. New Instagram Story Interactive Stickers:

    • Instagram introduces a range of new Story stickers, including Shopping, Music, Location, Mention, Questions, Quiz, Poll, Donation, Countdown, Add Yours, Customizable Link, Food Orders, and Support Small Business.
  22. Instagram Shops & In-Shop Ads:

    • Facebook’s e-commerce push continues with Instagram Shops, allowing businesses to create customizable catalogs, and the testing of in-shop ads within the Shopping area.
  23. Instagram DMs on PC – Messenger API:

    • Messenger API now enables users to view and manage Instagram DMs on a PC, offering greater flexibility in communication.
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Wrap It:

Instagram is evolving fast and improving its user experience each day. From minor updates like moving some of the buttons around to bigger ones like adding entirely new features  – you can never be bored with this social media giant.


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