PUBG A5 Royale Pass Price, Upgrades Skin Leaked

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By Abdul Rehman

As the gaming world excitedly expects the PUBG Mobile 3.0 update, the spotlight is on the much-awaited A5 Royale Pass. An ideal of excitement for fans, this pass promises a treasure trove of advanced features, themes, and rewards. In this complete blog. We will explore the release date, rewards, and the unique elements that set the A5 Royale Pass separately.

Release Date Speculations Of a5 Royale Pass:

The ring around the A5 Royale Pass has reached its peak, run by recent leaks from the honest source, MrCybersquad. According to these leaks, the A5 Royale Pass is composed to make its debut alongside the PUBG Mobile 3.0 update. This update is expected to introduce new content and two interesting modes. The advanced “Shadow Force Mode” and the attractive “Dragon Theme Mode.”.  As players prepare for these exciting additions, the expectation for the A5 Royale Pass continues to build.

Upgradable Pan and Molotov Skins in a5 Royale Pass:

Upgradable Pan and Molotov Skins

One of the most significant leaks for PUBG Mobile fans is the introduction of upgradable Pan and Molotov skins in the A5 Royale Pass. For the first time in the game’s history, players will have the opportunity to customize their Pan with unique loot box skins and a unique kill feed animation effect. The Molotov, too, is set to receive its skin, complete with a signature kill feed animation. These additions add a new layer of the form, allowing players to showcase their unique style on the battleground.

The Crown Jewel: Level 100 Mythic Outfit

At the peak of the A5 Royale Pass rewards is the Level 100 mythic outfit. Designed with a female character and inspired by the Dragon Abode theme, this outfit is poised to be the crown jewel of the past. As players rise through the 100 levels, the mythic outfit promises a visual spectacle, adding the Pan skin and providing a unique appearance that shows the highest tier of achievement.

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Unlocking Rewards: Mission Completion and Premium Benefits

The A5 Royale Pass promises an wealth of rewards, available through mission completion or by purchasing the pass for premium benefits. While not all details have been officially disclosed, the community eagerly expects the official announcement to explore the full spectrum of rewards. The mixture of mission-based rewards and premium benefits confirms that players have multiple walks to unlock exciting content, fostering a sense of achievement and advancement.

Wrap it:

As PUBG Mobile fans stay for the 3.0 update. The A5 Royale Pass emerges as a game-changer, inspiring the gaming experience to new heights. With upgradable Pan and Molotov skins, the pull of the Level 100 mythic outfit, and diverse pricing options. The A5 Royale Pass is controlled to charm players worldwide. As we await the official unveiling. The excitement continues to build, promising an immersive and visually stunning journey for PUBG Mobile fans. Stay tuned for updates. The A5 Royale Pass is set to leave an fast mark on the landscape of mobile gaming.

Pricing Options for A5 Royale Pass:

Pricing Options for A5 Royale Pass:

For players eager to delve into the A5 Royale Pass experience, the pricing structure offers flexibility to cater to diverse preferences. The pass can be acquired using two primary options: the monthly version or the complete pass using Unknown Cash (UC). Let us break down the pricing in both dollars and UC.

  • Monthly Version: This version unfolds in two phases, unlocking levels 1-50 in the first month and levels 51-100 in the second. Priced at 360 UC, this option caters to those who prefer a phased approach to their Royale Pass progression.
  • Complete Royale Pass: For players seeking the entire package, the complete Royale Pass can be purchased for 720 UC. This option provides instant access to all 100 levels, allowing players to dive into the full spectrum of rewards without waiting.
  • Elite Pass Variant: For those seeking elite benefits, an Elite Pass variant is available. The monthly edition of the Elite Pass costs 960 UC, unlocking levels in two phases. Alternatively, players can opt for the two-month bundle, priced at 1920 UC, providing an extended period of premium benefits.
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Pricing in Dollars:

  • Monthly Version: Approximately $4.99 USD
  • Complete Royale Pass: Approximately $9.99 USD
  • Elite Pass (Monthly): Approximately $12.99 USD
  • Elite Pass (Two-Month Bundle): Approximately $25.99 USD

Pricing in UC:

  • Monthly Version: 360 UC
  • Complete Royale Pass: 720 UC
  • Elite Pass (Monthly): 960 UC
  • Elite Pass (Two-Month Bundle): 1920 UC


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