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Update Plan Overview Please be informed that the Version 3.0 beta update is anticipated to commence on December 7, 2023.

Key Content 1:

Enhanced Beta Match Environment (Accessible from 12/9) We have implemented a more robust strategy to combat malicious behavior within the beta version! PUBG MOBILE will enforce strict penalties on all users engaging in malicious activities, including cheaters, to create a safe and fair gaming environment for all beta players.

Key Content 2:

Fundamental Experience Enhancements (Accessible from 12/7) Character Improvements.

We have made overall enhancements to character movements such as running, climbing, falling, aiming down sights, and more. These improvements aim to provide smoother character actions and an enhanced gaming experience. Bolt Action Sniper Rifle Improvements: Shots fired from bolt action sniper rifles can now penetrate vests and bodies, causing damage to multiple enemies in the bullet’s trajectory.

however, after passing through an enemy, the damage is reducedAdditionally, shots from these rifles will now have a greater impact on the durability of vests and helmets. Vehicle Improvements: Drivers now have the ability to apply bandages or use energy consumables to heal themselves without interrupting their driving.

Key Content 3:

New Bosses and PVE enemies:

Metro Royale (Accessible from 12/8) New Map: This update introduces a new map with a snowy environment and military features. New Mechanics: Players can now utilize the Tactical Alarm item, experience snowy weather conditions, access advanced supply secret rooms after a certain time, and utilize vertical ziplines for quick ascents.

New Bosses and PVE enemies:

More than 200 new bosses have been added, each with unique abilities. The Commander boss possesses a skill that slows down players, while the Tank boss utilizes different attacks based on the distance between them and the players. When any member of the team detects a player, an alert will be issued, and the entire team will track and attack the player. New High-Pressure Air Rifle (available in the game)

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beta 2):

Utilizing compressed air, this cutting-edge air rifle fires steel balls with incredible force. The damage inflicted by each shot is directly proportional to the chamber pressure. Notably, this rifle boasts minimal noise when fired, ensuring stealth and precision. Introducing a range of new sellable items, including Top Secret Information, Military Circuit Board, Military Battery, Cobra ID Tag, Steel Front ID Tag, and more. These valuable items are now available for purchase. Players can now expand their backpack capacity through the new Backpack Expansion Mechanic. By utilizing Metro Cash, players can temporarily increase their backpack space.

Additionally, purchasing the RP will grant a sustained backpack expansion effect for the entire season. The Talent Tree has been updated with the addition of Stability, Dexterity, Protection, and Machine Gun Mastery talent nodes Notably, unlocking Tier IV talents no longer requires fully allocating points to prerequisite talents, providing more flexibility and customization options. Prepare for an exciting new chapter with the introduction of Chapter 18 collectibles.

Key Content 4:

Shadow Scout

New Themed Mode (Available from 12/7) Experience the thrilling new “Shadow Force” themed mode. Test your skills with a new melee weapon and tactical items. Unleash the power of the Shadow Blade, a melee weapon imbued with a sword aura. Its slashes can reach enemies up to approximately 10 meters away. Additionally, the Assault Blade skill allows you to momentarily block all incoming bullets from the front, providing a tactical advantage. Equip the Skytether Hook, a portable grappling hook that propels you in a straight line towards the target location. Tap the skill button again to deploy a parachute, granting you enhanced maneuverability as you briefly glide through the air.

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Shadow Scout

Introducing the Shadow Scout (available in beta 2), a throwable item that spawns a controllable dummy scout. This scout possesses enhanced movement capabilities, allowing it to quickly approach enemies. The new version introduces an exhilarating Respawn Battle mechanic, giving eliminated players a chance to rejoin the fight. The battleground encloses within a Seclusion Zone, preventing participants from leaving. Escape Points will periodically become available within the Seclusion Zone, providing an opportunity for respawning players to reenter the battle.

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