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By Abdul Rehman

Hey public! Today, I want to tell you all about two wonderful games that are all about running and escaping – Temple Run and Subway Surfers! They are like the superheroes of endless running games and I am here to spill all the beans about them.

Temple Run: The Exciting Explorer

First up we got Temple Run! It is like a treasure hunt where you play as an explorer running away from demon monkeys. Imagine Indiana Jones, but way cooler. The game started its journey in 2011 and became a superstar on iPhones, Androids, and even Windows phones.

Game Controls

You control the explorer by swiping on your screen. Swipe left, right, up, or down to collect coins and dodge obstacles. It is like dancing with danger, but with demon monkeys chasing you! And don’t forget those coins – gold, red, and blue ones! Gold is one coin, red is two, and blue is three. You can use these coins to buy power-ups and new characters to make your explorer even more awesome.

Temple Run has some brothers too! There’s Temple Run: Brave, where you team up with Disney characters, and Temple Run: Oz, based on the movie Oz the Great and Powerful. They even went into the virtual reality world with Temple Run VR! Cool, right?

Subway Surfers 2nd Adventure.


Now, let us talk about Subway Surfers! It’s like being a writing artist on a wild escape. You are caught tagging a subway, and now you’re running for your life from the inspector and his dog. Talk about high-stakes writings!

This the game started its journey in 2012 and became a mega-hit on android, iPhones, and more. You control your character by swiping up, down, left, or right to dodge obstacles on the subway tracks. It is like a dance party, but with trains and hoverboards!

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Subway Surfers is all about grabbing gold coins, power ups, and avoiding crashes. You can even surf on hoverboards to stay ahead of the inspector. And guess what? You can unlock different characters and hoverboards, each with special powers. It’s like building your team of subway escape experts!

Who Made These Awesome Games?

Now, let’s talk about the masterminds behind the magic – the developers!

Temple Run was created by a fantastic team called Imangi Studios. They’re like the experts of endless running adventures. They first released Temple Run in 2011 and kept adding more fun with Temple Run: Brave, Temple Run: Oz, and even a virtual reality version!

Subway Surfers is the brainchild of Kiloo and SYBO Games, two cool companies from Denmark. They brought us this endless runner masterpiece in 2012 and kept it fresh with updates based on holidays and world tours. These guys know how to keep the fun going!

The Showdown: Temple Run vs. Subway Surfers**

Now, let’s break it down with a cool comparison table:

| Temple Run | Subway Surfers


Imangi Studios | Kiloo, SYBO Games |

First Released;

August 4, 2011 | May 24, 2012 |


iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Tizen, PC, Arcade, Samsung Gear VR | iOS, iPadOS, macOS, HarmonyOS, Android, Web browser, Windows 10 Mobile, Windows Phone 8, Amazon Fire Tablet |


Swiping to collect coins and dodge obstacles | Swiping to dodge obstacles, collect coins, and surf on hoverboards |

Special Features;

Virtual reality version (Temple Run VR) | Seasonal updates with a “World Tour” theme, unlockable characters and hoverboards |


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Over 1 billion times (as of June 2014) | Over 2.7 billion downloads (as of December 2019) |


Top charts on app stores, praised for gameplay | Most downloaded mobile game of the decade, praised for visual style and gameplay |

Both Temple Run and Subway Surfers are like the Rockstar of the gaming world. They’ve been downloaded billions of times, and people can’t get enough of their endless running adventures. Whether you’re escaping demon monkeys in ancient temples or running from subway inspectors as a graffiti artist, these games are a blast!


So, next time you are bored or waiting for the bus, grab your phone, and dive into the exciting worlds of Temple Run and Subway Surfers. It is like going on an endless adventure without leaving your couch! Keep running, my friends.

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