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By Abdul Rehman

PUBG Mobile’s Maula Jatt Takeover

PUBG Mobile's Maula Jatt Takeover

In the ever-evolving landscape of PUBG Mobile, a new sensation has gripped the gaming community, and it comes in the form of a Punjabi powerhouse – Maula Jatt. The legendary Pakistani film “The Legend of Maula Jatt” is storming into the battleground with its official Voice Pack, promising more than just a visual treat. This is a cultural immersion that aims to elevate your PUBG Mobile experience to unprecedented heights. Gеt rеady, PUBG Mobile battlеrs! Thе iconic Pakistani film “Thе Lеgеnd of Maula Jatt” is making a thrilling еntrancе into thе battlеfiеld with its official Voicе Pack. This is more than just a cosmеtic addition; it’s a cultural immеrsion that promisеs to pump up thе adrеnalinе and add a uniquе flavor to your PUBG Mobilе еxpеriеncе.

Why Maula Jatt in PUBG Mobile?

Maula Jatt, a revered Punjabi folk hero known for his valor and combat prowess, seems tailor-made for the intense world of PUBG Mobile. The infusion of his powerful dialogues and memorable catchphrases is set to inject a fresh surge of energy into your matches, whether you find yourself dropping into Erangel or battling it out in Sanhok.

What to Expect from the PUBG Mobile Maula Jatt Voice Pack:

Authentic Punjabi Voice Lines:

Immerse yourself in the vibrant world of Maula Jatt as the iconic lines from the film’s cast, including Hamza Ali Abbasi’s thunderous roars and Mahira Khan’s captivating taunts, echo through your PUBG Mobile gameplay.

Battle-Cries and Motivational Quips:

Brace yourself for battle with Maula Jatt’s inspiring battle-cries and witty one-liners. These audial stimulants will propel you into the gaming zone with renewed ferocity, leaving your opponents trembling in their virtual boots.

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Unique Callouts and Notifications:

Strategize like a true Punjabi warrior with Maula Jatt-themed callouts for enemy sightings, loot discoveries, and zone changes. Stay informed and dominate the battlefield with a touch of cultural flair.

How to Get the Maula Jatt Voice Pack:

How to Get the Maula Jatt Voice Pack:

For PUBG Mobile enthusiasts eager to embrace the Punjabi fervor, buying the Maula Jatt Voice Pack is a straightforward process:

  • Launch PUBG Mobile and head to the Shop section.
  • Navigate to the “Events” tab and locate the “The Legend of Maula Jatt” collaboration event.
  • Complete the event missions or tasks to earn the Maula Jatt voice pack for free.

More Than Just a Voice Pack:

The introduction of the Maula Jatt Voice Pack transcends the realm of mere sound effects. It signifies a celebration of Pakistani culture and stands as a testament to the growing influence of the region’s gaming community. This collaboration paves the way for future cultural integrations within PUBG Mobile, promising a more diverse and enriching experience for players globally.

Unleash the Power of Punjabi:

Go Beyond Basics:

The Maula Jatt pack offers more than generic callouts, incorporating unique Punjabi phrases for spotting enemies, finding loot, and marking locations. Picture yourself yelling “Khabrain khol lo, dushman idhar!” instead of a plain “Enemy spotted!” – a guaranteed spine-chiller for your adversaries.

Taunt Like a Champ:

Trash-talking is elevated to an art form in PUBG, and Maula Jatt delivers with lines like “Ajj naal tera number hai!” or “Tu mainu nai jaanda?” – leaving your enemies bewildered amidst the virtual chaos.

Victory Cries That Rock:

Winning a chicken dinner is undoubtedly sweet, but celebrating it like a Punjabi warrior is sweeter. Belt out victory cries like “Sher aa gaya!” or “Maula Jatt ka raj chal raha hai!” – ensuring the whole map recognizes your supremacy.

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Beyond Voice, Embrace the Vibe:

Beyond Voice, Embrace the Vibe:

Gear Up Like a Jatt:

Extend your Punjabi warrior persona beyond the voice pack by acquiring the exclusive Maula Jatt outfit and weapon skins. Envision yourself rocking the Sher-e-Punjab outfit and wielding the Noora Da Talwar – a cinematic swagger that ensures your opponents crumble before you.

Explore the Lore:

Delve into the legend of Maula Jatt by watching the film, exploring online forums, and immersing yourself in the world that inspired the voice pack. The deeper your understanding, the more authentic and impactful your Punjabi warrior persona becomes.

Challenge Yourself:

Master the art of Punjabi PUBG by organizing themed matches with friends, creating unique rules inspired by Maula Jatt, and challenging each other to embrace the Punjabi spirit of the game. Let your creativity run wild and redefine your gaming experience.


The Maula Jatt Voice Pack isn’t just about adding cultural sounds to your gaming experience; it’s a gateway to a whole new dimension within PUBG Mobile. Embrace this cultural immersion, unleash your inner Jatt, and make an indelible mark on the battlefield. With Maula Jatt by your side, victory takes on a whole new flavor. Are you ready to unleash your inner Maula Jatt and dominate the PUBG Mobile battlefield? Grab this limited-time voice pack and show everyone what Punjabi power truly means!

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