2 Top Battel Ground Games For Andriod in 2024

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By Abdul Rehman

Alright, let’s break down the information in a more accessible and simplified manner.

PUBG Mobile: A Fun Adventure on Your Phone


Hey there! So, PUBG Mobile is an awesome game that you can play on your phone. It’s like a treasure hunt where you try to be the last person or team standing. You jump from a plane onto an island, find weapons, and fight other players. The game lasts about 30 minutes, and there’s this cool shrinking zone that keeps things exciting.

How it Started:

The game was made by a bunch of smart people from Tencent Games. They worked really hard, and in March 2018, they released it for Android and iOS. Since then, lots of people have played it – over 1.3 billion downloads! That’s like saying almost everyone in the world has it on their phone.

What Makes it Special:

PUBG Mobile has some cool features only for phones, like daily rewards, special missions, and easy ways to team up with friends. Plus, there are these things called bots to make the game more fun for everyone.

How it Evolved:

The game didn’t take long to make – just 4 months! They had to make it work on phones, which are smaller than computers. In different countries, different companies published it. There’s even a version for people in India called Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Some Hiccups:

Oh, there were some problems too. In India, the game got banned for a while, but then it came back with a new name – Battlegrounds Mobile India. It was like a superhero getting a new costume.

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Esports Fun:

People love playing PUBG Mobile in big competitions. They call it esports. Teams from different places compete, and it’s super exciting to watch!

What People Think:

People really love PUBG Mobile. It got good reviews – like 8/10 from GameSpot and 8.7/10 from IGN. It’s like getting an A+ in a game report card!

Free Fire: Another Cool Adventure


Now, let’s talk about Free Fire. It’s another awesome game like PUBG Mobile, and you can play it on your phone too.

How it Started:

Free Fire was born in 2017, and by now, it’s been downloaded more than a billion times. That’s like saying everyone in the whole world downloaded it twice!

Game Modes:

In Free Fire, you drop on an island, just like PUBG Mobile. There are different modes like Battle Royale and Clash Squad. You fight to be the last one standing, and it’s super fun!

Characters and Pets:

What’s cool is that you get to play as different characters, each with special skills. It’s like having superpowers! You can also have pets that help you in fights. Imagine having a little buddy cheering for you!

Creative Play:

Free Fire even lets you design your own maps. It’s like being a game creator. You can share your maps with friends and show off your creativity.

Esports Magic:

Just like PUBG Mobile, Free Fire has big competition too. People from all over the world compete, and it’s like watching a super exciting sports event on your phone!

What People Say:

People love Free Fire too! It won awards and has millions of fans. It’s so popular that even after you close your eyes, you can hear people talking about it.

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Here is a comparison between both of them 

AspectPUBG MobileFree Fire
Release DateMarch 2018December 2017
DevelopersTencent GamesGarena
GameplayBattle Royale, Teams of 2 or 4Battle Royale, Teams of 4
Game DurationAbout 30 minutesAbout 15 minutes
Map VarietyMultiple maps to choose from6 maps including Bermuda, Kalahari, and Purgatory
Unique FeaturesSafe zone, Red zones, AirdropsGloo Wall, Pets, Craftland (map editing)
Esports ScenePUBG Mobile Club Open, PUBG Mobile Pro LeagueFree Fire World Series, Continental Series
Characters and PetsLimited customization, No unique character skills50+ characters with unique skills, Pet System
Graphics and SizeRealistic graphics, Larger game sizeMore cartoonish graphics, Smaller game size
Downloads1.3 billion (as of December 2022)1 billion (as of 2021)
Revenue$9 billion (as of December 2022)$4.33 billion (as of 2021)
Availability in IndiaRebranded as Battlegrounds Mobile IndiaContinues to be available

And there you have it – PUBG Mobile and Free Fire, two awesome games that make your phone an epic gaming arena!

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