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By Abdul Rehman

Today, I want to tell you about two super cool apps that can keep your phone safe from yucky viruses and bad stuff. Imagine having a superhero for your phone – that’s exactly what AVG AntiVirus FREE and Avast Mobile Security are like!

AVG AntiVirus FREE – Mobile Security for Android:

AVG AntiVirus

This app is like a shield for your phone! Over 100 million people have already installed it – that’s a lot, right? Let me tell you why they love it so much:

  1. Scan, Scan, Scan: It scans everything on your phone – apps, games, settings, and even files, all in real time! It’s just like a superhero checking for bad guys.
  2. Free Up Space: It cleans up unnecessary files to make space for more games and cool stuff. Who doesn’t want more space for awesome things?
  3. Lock Your Secrets: You can lock your special apps with a PIN, pattern, or even your fingerprint. It’s like having your very own secret clubhouse!
  4. Hide Your Pics: Got some super-secret photos? No worries! You can hide them in a secret vault so no one can see them. It’s like having a secret treasure chest!
  5. Stay Anonymous: There’s even a VPN to keep you anonymous online. It’s like wearing an invisibility cloak!
  6. Wi-Fi Check: It checks if your Wi-Fi is safe from bad guys. Safety first, right?
  7. No More Scams: It can find and block scam websites, so you don’t fall for any tricks. Like having a superhero radar for scams!
  8. Password Superpower: It tells you if someone tried to steal your passwords. How cool is that?
  9. Know Your Apps: It tells you how much power your apps have. You can be the boss and know everything!
  • Defend, Defend, Defend: It’s like having a powerful superhero defending your phone from all kinds of bad things.
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Avast Mobile Security – Free Antivirus:

Avast Antivirus

Now, let’s talk about another shield for your phone – Avast Mobile Security! Over 435 million people trust it, and here’s why:

  1. Antivirus Power: Just like a superhero fighting off bad guys, this app has a powerful antivirus engine to keep your phone safe.
  2. Spyware Alert: It warns you if there are sneaky spyware or adware apps trying to sneak into your phone. No sneaky apps allowed!
  3. Privacy First: It keeps your privacy safe from phishing attacks and bad websites. Your secrets are safe with Avast
  4. VPN Magic: There’s a VPN that keeps your online browsing super private. It is like having a magical shield
  5. Password Alert: If someone tries to steal your passwords, Avast will let you know. No password stealing allowed
  6. Scam Defender: It scans for scams and warns you. It’s like having a superhero scanner for scam
  7. Email Guardian: It watches over your emails and makes sure no bad emails get through. Your emails are protected
  8. Cool Features: It’s not just antivirus – it also has a photo vault, file scanner, junk cleaner, web shield, Wi-Fi security, and app insights. That’s a lot of cool features, right?


So, there you have it, my awesome friends – two superhero apps that will keep your phone safe and sound. Now you can be the superhero of your own phone world! Download them, be safe, and have fun with your cool, protected phone!

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There is a comparison table between them 

FeaturesAVG AntiVirus FREEAvast Mobile Security
Number of Installs100,000,000+435 million+
Real-time Scanning✔️✔️
Free Up Space✔️ (Cleans unnecessary files)✔️ (Junk Cleaner feature)
App Lock✔️ (PIN, pattern, fingerprint)✔️ (Protect sensitive apps)
Photo Vault✔️ (Hide private photos)✔️ (Secure photos in a vault)
VPN Protection✔️ (Stay anonymous online)✔️ (Private browsing with VPN)
Wi-Fi Security Scan✔️✔️ (Checks Wi-Fi networks for threats)
Hack Alerts✔️ (Warns if passwords are compromised)✔️ (Alerts on password breaches)
Scam Protection✔️ (Blocks scam sites)✔️ (Scans and alerts on scams)
App Permissions Advisor✔️ (Insight into app permissions)✔️ (Privacy Permissions feature)
Performance Optimization✔️ (Cleans unnecessary files)✔️ (Optimizes device performance)
Password Protection✔️ (Alerts on password leaks)✔️ (Monitors and alerts on compromised passwords)
App Insights✔️ (Details on app permissions)✔️ (Provides insights into apps)
CompatibilityAndroid 8.0 and upWorks on your device
Download Size29 MBNot specified
In-app Purchases$0.99 – $119.99 per itemFree features and additional features may require a purchase
Content RatingEveryoneNot specified
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This comparison table gives you a quick glance at the features of AVG Antivirus FREE and Avast Mobile Security. Both apps offer essential protection against viruses and malware, but they also have unique features that might cater to different preferences. It is important to consider your specific needs and preferences when choosing the right security app for your Android device.


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